Our customers’ and employees’ health has always been a top priority for us. As the concerns surrounding the coronavirus continue to grow, we want to ensure that we are taking the necessary precautions for all. Some options that we strongly suggest our customers utilize are:

  • Stay on top of your prescription medication.
  • If you aren’t feeling well or are having concerns about COVID-19, we ask that you please use our convenient drive-thru windows.
  •  Locations without drive-thru windows, we ask that you call ahead for curbside pick-up.

Remember, washing your hands for 20 seconds and practicing social distancing are the most effective ways to stop the spreading of the virus. Be sure to avoid touching your face even after washing your hands. While face touching is a habit that many of us have and have probably been unaware of until recent events, it is important to avoid the eyes, nose, and mouth which are easy pathways for the virus.

We’ve included a link with some information on how to properly sanitize and wash your hands as well here.

Please continue to follow and check our Facebook page for updates and tips on how to best protect yourself. We wish you and yours an abundance of excellent health.