Open enrollment for medicare eligible patients has begun! At Heartland, we offer a FREE program at all locations that ASSISTS patients in choosing the correct Medicare D plan. 

Medicare D is a program that allows users to pay for their prescription drugs through prescription drug insurance premiums. This plan can also lower costs and protect you against higher costs. You can also use it along with other coverages, such as employer coverage. Choosing the correct Medicare D plan for you could save you thousands of dollars on prescription drugs per year.

Choosing the right plan on your own can be overwhelming. Here at Heartland Pharmacy, our staff will help cut through the confusion and identify which plan best suits you and your needs. If you have any questions about Medicare D plans, feel free to ask us. We will compare multiple options with you so that you can make the best choice! 

Give your local Heartland pharmacist a call to set up an appointment, and let’s talk about Medicare D. We look forward to helping you select a plan that meets your needs.